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100 Random Facts About Me--Stolen From Cindy   
03:53pm 28/02/2007
mood: bored
1. My middle name is Nicholas.
2. My dad's name is Michael Jackson.
3. People think i lie about that.
4. I'm addicted to Myspace.
5. People often call me "Pot Head".
6. I smoke it almost everyday.
7. I like the feeling of being high.
8. I smoke to escape my problems.
9. I can be sensitive at times.
10. I'm a very misunderstood person.
11. I act differently around every one of my friends.
12. I guess i try to please everyone.
13. I Like being the center of attention.
14. I put on a front.
15. Just because I smile doesnt mean i'm happy.
16. My family barely knows me.
17. I'd rather not be at home.
18. I love to go out.
19. I'm a very busy guy.
20. No one in this world knows me completely.
21. I don't like people who talk shit.
22. Ever Since my Grandfather died, nothing is the same.
23. I see myself as a depressed person.
24. I cry more often than i used to.
25. Jennifer is my Confidant.
26. She knows all my Dirty Little Secrets.
27. Many people think I'm a spoiled brat.
28. I used to be Suicidal.
29. My favorite color is Blue.
30. I was born on Halloween.
31. The only reason i haven't killed myself yet is because I'm worried about my mom and grandmothers' reactions.
32. I'm lazy.
33. I'm competitive.
34. I love Abercrombie & Fitch.
35. I drive a Scion tC.
36. I want a Corvette.
37. I love watches.
38. People think My life is Perfect.
39. I'm Materialistic.
40. I wish i was an only child.
41. I hate school.
42. I think teachers need to get a life.
43. Freshmen are retarded.
44. I like to speed.
45. I'll probably die in a car accident.
46. I think I'm very fat.
47. I'm never satisfied with anything.
48. Even though I have almost everything.
49. I'm miserable.
50. I've always wanted to see a psychologist so i can tell all my problems.
51. I want to just let out a scream.
52. I hide everything.
53. I'm greedy.
54. I'm Overrated.
55. I'm not as Rich as people think.
56. At least I don't feel as rich.
57. Because I don't show off as i used to.
58. I like to go to Jamaica.
59. Paris Hilton is awesome.
60. Everyone is out to get the Jacksons.
61. The Jacksons has a problem with everyone.
62. My cousins are worse than i am.
63. I'm very selfish.
64. I lie but I don't Pretend.
65. I tell you what I think.
66. I don't wait for you to leave until I talk shit.
67. I'd rather tell it to your face to see your reaction.
68. I hate fake people.
69. People say I'm stuck up.
70. I really dont think i am.
71. People say a lot of stuff.
72. My "best friend" is going out with my ex-girlfriend.
73. A lot of people agree that that's fucked up.
74. I got over it.
75. I get over a lot of things.
76. I don't like excess Drama.
77. I'm not a good student.
78. I talk back a lot.
79. I dont respect those who dont respect me.
80. I don't kiss ass.
81. I dont like sluts.
82. Unless we're at a club.
83. Chongas would be good people if they used less gel.
84. I hate Publix.
85. Customers are all bitches.
86. I used to want to run away from home.
87. I only had one valentine in my life.
88. I'm very picky with girls.
89. I wouldnt want just anybody.
90. That would be unfair.
91. I'm poetic.
92. I love the simple things in life.
93. My family has a helicopter.
94. I love movies.
95. I think George Bush isn't a good president.
96. I'd be a better one.
97. I love the 80s.
98. I cant live without my phone.
99. I've failed the FCAT.
100. I Love the Fray.